The Awkward Turtle

To start this off I can think of nothing better than to share with you the latest craze in hand signals going around our office. Like many phenomena it’s not clear how it started or where it came from, but a google search tells me that it’s been making the rounds with the socially-deficient campus set. However, the Awkward Turtle (AT) has become essential to inter-office communication in my workplace as well.

Simply described, the AT is a means of diffusing awkward situations/interactions by pointing out the obvious with a simple gesture recalling the funny/sad condition of a turtle on its back. Take the following (hypothetical) situation:

Officemates A & B are involved in animated conversation about a past event.

Officemate C tries to insert him/herself in conversation repeatedly, while slowly realizing that s/he wasn’t actually there and s/he was thinking A & B were talking about some OTHER event.

Officemate C tries to cover.

Officemate A realizes Officemate C is covering; laughs and says “awkward turtle!” while performing the following gestures:

both hands, palms up, are placed on top of each other, slightly angled inward.

thumbs then rotate randomly, like the flailing legs of a turtle upside-down.

Please pass this on as necessary.

One Response to “The Awkward Turtle”
  1. MaggieT says:

    Oh, Elana…The awkward turtle is just to Macalester. No surprise it’s taking a place like WA by storm.

    I’m so excited that you have a blog!

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