The Harvest

Well, it’s sukkot, as well as fall generally here in the midwestern lands, and i’ve had a lot of reason lately to think about local foods. The change of seasons always makes me inexplicably nostalgic – the smells of fall give me all these sense memories of childhood. As usual most of my memories revolve around eating, like crisp apples in my mom’s kitchen, or pumpkin bread/pie and sweet potato cheesecake.

In honor of sukkot and sense memories, here are my favorite food-related sites: a harvest of the internet’s offerings.

Organic Valley
You’ve probably seen this brand of dairy in whole foods, but you probably didn’t know that OV is the biggest Co-op in the country and if you buy their milk in Chicago it comes from local organic farmers in IL, MI, and IN. They also have great materials on their farmers as well as recipes on their site (featuring OV products, obvi)

Local Food Routes
Well, you all know how I feel about mapping. This site provides a good background on the benefits of local food, as well as a map (linked above) where you can enter in your zipcode and it shows you food producers in your area!

Crop Art at MN State Fair
The above link takes you to a flickr stream of photos of the crop art offerings at the 2007 MN State Fair. Crop Art is an art form where the medium consists entirely of seeds, grasses, dried beans, etc. It lives in the agriculture building with the 2 ton pumpkins.

Smitten Kitchen
Sort of cloying but interesting food blog that just so happens to highlight bagels in its most recent post.

Rootabaga Stories
While not exclusively about food, Carl Sandburg’s series of children’s stories that are at once completely fantastical and relatable are part of the inspiration behind the name of this blog. The link above goes to a harvest-appropriate story called “How to Tell Corn Fairies if you See ‘Em”


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