The Good

Some time ago my friend in the publishing biz referred me to the magazine Good.  I usually judge things like this from the quality of its free schwag, and I still have have two tokens from its premier issue hung up in my office- a 3 in x 3 in card that’s titled “personal manifesto” ( “_____________ like you give a damn”), and a small pin with an american flag in the shape of a heart. 

These things (and the magazine) captured my imagination by the cleanness of their design, the provocation of their message without being shrill or polemic, and the marriage of those two elements.

I recently picked up the newest issue of Good, and it had these great visual representations of statistics that subtly agitate you to ask questions of why things are the way they are.  And asking questions is the first step to change and shifts in power to make our world as good as it can be.  Check them out below.



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